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Find the best qualified market research and consulting firms for your particular needs. Search our databse of qualified research providers - located throughout the world - right now! No access fee or registration required.

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Whether you're a recent graduate looking for a new job or internship or a seasoned market research professional looking to take your career to a whole new level, we will help you find employers that are looking for someone like you! Getting started is easy. No access fee or registration required.

Market Research Firms
We provide market research and consulting firms with a platform through which to get leads, bid on projects, stay on top of industry trends, find qualified employees and showcase your syndicated market research and business intelligence content. Click HERE to learn more.

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Use Our RFP Service
If you're a market research buyer and would like to receive proposals from qualified research firms, then use our FREE Request for Proposal service.

Here's how it works:
Simply send your RFP, along with any requirements, specifications and instructions to us and we will distribute your RFP request to the types of firms that you have specified. Click HERE to get started.









Tell People Who You Are
Showcase your wares, experience and dedication to setting the highest industry standards by telling prospective clients exactly who are are. Make it easy for market research buyers to quickly learn about your history, specialties and facilities and you're on your way to turning prospects into clients.

Build Your Brand
Position your firm squarely in front of market research buyers. A listing on MarketResearchFirms.com is not passive. It's active. We actively promote the firms listed on this site through press releases, mailings to Fortune 500 companies, and industry research that helps to keep your name in front of those who are actively searching for market research providers. Learn more HERE.

Respond to Leads and Requests for Proposals

Take advantage of our free referral and request for proposal service. We make it easy for market research buyers to place a request for proposal with a specific firm, specific type of firm, or all the firms listed on this site. When a prospective client asks for a referral, we immediately pass the information along to firms meeting the buyer's qualifications. Learn more HERE.

Find Qualified Personnel
We know that it can be difficult to find qualified professionals to join your staff. Whether you're looking for a summer intern, entry-level applicant or seasoned professional, we cater to job-seekers at all levels and help prospective employees link up with market research firms in need of qualified personnel. Learn more HERE.

Do you publish syndicated research reports?

If you do, then we invite you to increase your exposure by listing them on this website.

We don't charge a commission for the sales that are made.

We merely act as a conduit through which to connect market research providers with market research buyers. This is one of many free services that we provide to our market research partners. Learn more about the benefits of a listing on this site by clicking HERE.

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